Our glass restoration system is the industry's most comprehensive solution to removing scratches and damage from all types of glass. Based upon a patented three-step process, we can restore even the worst damage for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our technicians remove scratches from all types of glass, including doors, windows, storefronts, mirrors, tempered, plate, laminated, or any other type of glass you can think of.

 Scratch Removal

scratch removal
scratch removal

Saving you Time and Money

The cost to replace is most often the reason damaged glass goes unaddressed. On average, restoring your damaged glass will save you as much as 70% of the replacement cost. 

  • Saves thousands of dollars compared to replacement
  • Glass can be restored within days
  • Patented technology designed to restore all types of glass

Commercial Properties

Our glass restoration service has saved our commercial property customers large amounts of money in glass replacement costs. We have restored permanent pieces of glass, such as glass walls and glass that's set-in concrete. We utilize a proprietary glass restoration system to remove imperfections from all types of glass. We can restore many types of damage, including: 

  • deep scratches
  • graffiti scratches
  • water spots
  • welding marks
  • hard mineral spots and stains

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