Cleaning windows is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort. Oh, and don't forget about those hard to reach areas. No more worrying about borrowing the neighbor's ladder, or asking your spouse to hold on tight. We will take the hassle out of "I'll do it next weekend". We guarantee you'll be satisfied with your new view when you trust your window cleaning in Atlanta (and surrounding areas) to us!

What does window cleaning cost?

We pride ourselves on providing some of the lowest pricing for window cleaning in Georgia. Pricing varies by the type and number of windows. Counting windows can be tricky, so contact us and we'll give you a quote without the guessing.

Inquire with us for more details on quote matching!

Window Cleaning Includes...

  • Scrubbing with mops
  • Squeegee cleaning
  • Hand drying with towels
  • Light paint and debris scraping as needed

What to expect on the day of service...

During the scheduling process, we will discuss how to count the windows, but don't worry, our technicians will count them upon arrival the day of service, and discuss the total with you prior to starting.

On service day, you will be greeted by a professional crew who will discuss the scheduled services with you.

Be sure to propose any questions or concerns so we can achieve your expectations.

How do I count the windows?

Each company counts windows their own way. Abracadabra counts regular double hung windows (flat panes) as one window. Grids or french panes are counted as two windows. Storms are counted as three windows.

Below are some examples.

Double Hung/Flat Panes (1)

double hung window
Two double hung windows, and one flat pane,
for a total of 3 windows.
Four double hung windows
Four double hung windows,
for a total of 4 windows.

Grids/French Panes (2)

grid window french panes
Two double hung windows with grids,
for a total of 4 windows.

Storms (3)

storm window

Abracadabra does not count by the size or height of the windows, however there are some variations to consider since there are so many window types. See below for examples of our non-standard window counts.

Small palladium, half moon, and sidelights are counted as one window.

palladium window with grids
front door
One large palladium with grids, and two french windows.   The window count is 6.
One large palladium with grids, and two flat windows.   The window count is 4.
One small half moon, one flat door window, and two sidelights. The window count is 4.

Half-Grid windows are counted as 1 and 1/2

half grid windows
Two windows with half grids.  The window count is 1 and 1/2 each, for a total of 3.

Skylights are not included

skylight windows
Skylights are not included in the window count. They are considered an additional service, so please let us know if yours need to be cleaned.

Still unsure how to count your windows? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

Window cleaning services main image
Two storm windows, for a total of 6 windows.
Storm windows are windows mounted inside or outside the main window. The storm window is removed to clean both the storm and main windows.
Palladium wiht grids and two flat windows


*  Inquire about our full detail services for sills,      frames, screens, and heavy paint removal
 *Ask about skylight cleaning